Healing and Unbelief

~ Taken from A Helping Hand by Arie Elshout (Reformation Heritage Books, 1997) ~

The absence of healing upon prayer need not, but may mean that there are special causes which impede the recovery of the sick person. The greatest sin — which however is least acknowledged, confessed, mourned over, and combatted — is unbelief. Members of the charismatic movement are not the only ones who accuse us of lack of faith. The Lord Himself does so as well. How often didn’t the Lord reprimand His disciples for their unbelief? Don’t we sometimes respond all too easily: “I cannot believe as I would like to, …I cannot take hold of it upon command”?

How often have I not detected within myself that upon seeking God’s face for myself, my family, my church members, or other patients, my faith in healing upon prayer was seriously deficient! How touching and most humbling are God’s rebukes in His Word regarding lack of faith in His ability and willingness to have mercy in answer to prayer! Don’t we often protect our unbelief in daily life, rather than confess it with sorrow and shame?

…It is indeed possible that the Lord will grant immediate improvement upon prayer — even complete healing. We read of such cases in the Bible and such cases occur today as well.