Be Stronger, Be Better

~ from email ~

The Reformed and Pentecostals are both wrong on some important points. The Reformed are more correct on several central issues, such as predestination and eschatology. However, the people are driven by unbelief and tradition, and some of their doctrines, including their cessationism, amount to preaching another God, another Jesus, and another gospel. We must be faithful to the teachings of Christ only, and not to any human tradition or heritage.

Read the Bible for yourself and see what it really teaches. Jesus said, “If you have faith, you will have whatever you say” (Matthew 21:21, Mark 11:23). When he was brought to a dead girl, he said, “The little girl is not dead, but sleeping.” He apparently made a “faith confession” that contradicted reality, and then he raised the girl from the dead. He told the disciples they failed to cast out a demon because of their lack of faith, not because it was the will of God to withhold healing.

The Reformed, the Evangelicals, and the cessationists have not been able to make good sense of these and many other biblical passages, not because they are difficult to understand, but because the people’s false theological assumptions cannot permit or process what the Bible says. And their attempts to explain away the passages amount to a rejection of Christ and a rejection of biblical inspiration and inerrancy.

The Pentecostal doctrines on faith and power, healing, prophecy, and the Holy Spirit, are much more faithful to Christ than the Reformed and Evangelicals. Faith is what Jesus said it is. Faith is certainty, certainty of things hoped for, and of things not seen. When we have this certainty, it is the evidence of things hoped for and not seen. We have it. We know we have it. And we receive what our faith is certain of.

Be stronger. Be better. See for yourself what the Bible teaches. Beware of human traditions, just as much as you should beware of idolatry and witchcraft.