Cessationism and Church Selection

~ from email ~

Arminians are not always pushy about their Arminianism. They might assume it, but they do not constantly assert human freedom in contradiction to divine sovereignty. They would often tell a man to decide, such as to decide to believe and follow Christ. Although they say this on the basis of false assumptions about human freedom and ability, the statement itself is true. The Calvinist must also tell the man to decide for God.

A Christian should always prefer a church that fiercely insists that God continues to work miracles for people and through people, that the gifts of the Spirit have never ceased. This should take priority over whether a church teaches Arminianism or Calvinism. Of course, it would be better if the Christian has been informed and convinced of the doctrines concerning God’s sovereignty, election, reprobation, and so on. Cessationism is so demonic and harmful that it warrants this policy.

This is the general principle. It is possible that a “charismatic” church is so bad that one finds it difficult to prefer it over a nearby Reformed or Evangelical church. However, in this case, one has to consider the possibility that it might be better to attend no church at all than to attend a cessationist church. Cessationism is so heretical that it amounts to teaching another Jesus, another Spirit, and another gospel.