A Religious Boast Backfires

“I would rather have the crumbs off the Master’s table than all the riches promised by the false prosperity gospel.”

The reference to crumbs from the Master’s table comes from Matthew 15:27. You should read the passage before you use it. The context is a miracle of healing, and it backfires against you at least three ways.

[1] It means you at least preach a gospel of health and healing. This is a gospel of health so strong that someone could receive complete healing even as a matter of “accident” or surplus. And it is available to anyone who has faith, even in the face of apparent rejection from Christ himself. You didn’t realize?

[2] Then, it means you declare that you are nothing more than a non-Christian heathen dog, without a covenant. By your own admission you are only good enough to lick the shoes of any prosperity preacher who is a Christian. Who are you to say anything about the Christian life? Or did you miss this part as well?

Don’t like a gospel of health and wealth, do we? Just by making that reference you are already half way there, moron. You are just a stupid fake self-righteous fraud.

[3] In fact, you are more than half way there. If the “crumbs” of God’s healing are so powerful that they would remove diseases and demons from a woman by a miracle and at a distance, the “crumbs” of God’s prosperity could at least wipe out financial deficits and hardships in your life. The crumbs could prosper even a heathen dog without a covenant.

By making that reference to crumbs, either you blaspheme God, as if crumbs from his table represent very little, or you already preach a prosperity gospel, since even the crumbs are more than enough to represent miracle deliverance and blessing.

It is because you wish to impress people that you say you would settle for the crumbs, but the woman who made the original reference to crumbs did it to confess the overwhelming, overabundant, overflowing, OVERKILL level of healing power that flowed from Jesus Christ.

Now you wish to apply the term to prosperity, and in order to oppose a prosperity gospel? It totally backfires against you. If applied to prosperity, the crumbs would wipe out poverty and shortage even for the heathens. As for the bread on the table, it belongs to the Christians by covenant right, and it would be an overwhelming, overabundant, overflowing, overkill amount of wealth.

Although you think that statement would make you look spiritual, you have accomplished the opposite of what you intended. You have preached the strongest gospel of health and wealth. You have declared that an absurdly excessive amount of healing and prosperity belong to Christians on the basis of the covenant, such that God’s children have the right to expect and demand the highest level of health and wealth.

Read the Bible you pretend to defend. Read it before you try to correct people. Read it before you say something to make yourself look better than someone else, when it just exposes you as someone so much worse.

Me? I’m seated at the table. I’m having the bread. If you will shut your mouth and wait on the floor, I will throw you some crumbs when I’m done.

You stupid phony high-minded religious piece of heathen garbage.