Did You Really Get Jesus?

“When you come to Jesus, you don’t come to get health, wealth and prosperity. You come to Jesus to get Jesus.” (David Platt)

OK…but if you come to Jesus and refuse to receive what Jesus brought with him, then you either have not come to Jesus, or you have accepted a different gospel. Your faith is a sham. You did not really get Jesus.

Satan uses these religious messengers to steal from you the benefits that Jesus bled and died to give you. He wants you to “get Jesus” as a concept only, but give up all the benefits that he purchased for you.

In effect, he wants you to trample on the blood of Christ as if it is some worthless thing, and all the while thumb your nose at those who come to him to receive all of him.

The Bible says: Don’t forget his benefits — he forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. The Bible says: Don’t worry about food and clothing and money — seek first the kingdom, and ALL these things will be added to you.

I come to THIS Jesus, and no other. If your Jesus is not like this, you have the wrong Jesus.

You know, when I came to the Christian community, I did not come to hear garbage preachers like this, but I got them anyway, because this is the way the church has been. It’s all one package.

Indeed, when I came to Jesus, I came to get Jesus, but when I got him, I got a whole bunch of good things anyway, because they came with Jesus. It’s all one package.

I am so glad Jesus is not like the church. But I also know that the church can be more like Jesus, if they will throw off pretentious garbage like this.

In the Bible, many people came to Jesus exactly to get things from him, like healing and health. And they received healing and health. Then many of them had faith in him and received all of him.

Why did they come to Christ for health? Because he had it to give. Because he was God’s prophet, and God himself. And now you speak as if it dishonors him to come to him for health.

When someone comes to God, why shouldn’t he ask for these things from him? And when someone wants these things, why shouldn’t he ask for them from God? If he is God, then he is exactly the one we should ask.

See, if you come to him at all, you come to him as a religious expert or some super spiritual seeker that is “above it all,” and not as a little child like Jesus wanted. You do not treat him as God. It is like you think you are too good for these things, too good for the promises of God. You are the one with the problem.

Get off that religious high horse. Your theology is bull dung. If you are more “Christ-centered” than Christ himself, then the truth is that you have been totally self-centered all along, totally in awe with yourself for being so Christ-centered.