Healing and Moderation

Divine health comes wholly from God, not from our effort and care. The worst thing you can do is to become a “health nut.” A paranoid attitude is poison. Some of the sickest and regularly sick people I come across are health nuts — they are experts on every nutrient, supplement, and exercise. They watch what they eat and what they do, but their thinking poisons them from within.

You might know someone like this. He has all kinds of equipment. He bikes every day and continuously blocks traffic for half a mile. Then he gets hit by a car during one of his morning routines and it takes him out for six months, and he never fully recovers. It is futile. The same thing happens when a severe sickness surprises him. He falls flat on his face because his faith is not ready. His life has been established on human wisdom and effort, and not the word of God (Matthew 7:24-27).

Just follow what you think is right for your health, and do things in moderation. This does not have to be precise, or you would be back to trusting in yourself again. You can make all kinds of mistakes and still have healing. I only mean that we should not abuse ourselves.

The reason we care for our bodies is to avoid “testing” God. He can preserve you even if you fall from a cliff, but if you throw yourself off just to make a point, then you are testing him (Matthew 4:5-7). When you more or less maintain habits that honor the body he has given you, then you can believe him for healing and immunity with full confidence and a clear conscience.

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