Healing: Succeed First, Then Improve

Some people teach healing, but before they finish, they give you five, seven, or twenty reasons on why you might not get it. Well, the biggest reason why you might not get it is because you have persuaded yourself with those twenty reasons. If you keep listing reasons, more and more of them will seem to apply. Only those who are experiencing success at receiving and ministering healing should ask why some are not healed, not so that they will start, but so that they will get more healed than the many they are already getting healed. Walk in the way of faith. Get a lot of success first, before you start thinking about why you sometimes fail. Even that could be recast as, “How can I get more success?” After you begin to see results, find five, seven, or twenty ways to obtain more results. Meanwhile, fix your attention on Jesus Christ. He is the only reason you need for healing to come with ease and force. He is the author and finisher of faith. Begin with him, and he will destroy those twenty reasons for failure as you continue.

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