How Can It Be Wrong?

Preacher: This doctrine is a demonic heresy. Here are dozens of articles that I have written with biblical arguments to prove it.

Otaku: I am not going to answer your biblical arguments. All I know is that Calvin taught this doctrine, so it must not be as bad as you say.

Preacher: David committed adultery with a woman and murdered her husband, but since the Bible says that he was a man after God’s own heart, then by your reasoning, it must mean that adultery and murder are not that bad, or even good. You have it in reverse. Don’t judge God by the word of Calvin but judge Calvin by the word of God. Let me tell you this: If your faith is built on Calvin or any man, then you are unsaved, and you are still in your sin. Your urgent need is not to argue theology with anyone, as if you know anything, but to repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

Otaku: Whatever. The historic creed adopted by my tradition teaches it, so it cannot be heresy….No, I don’t mean that creed. That one contradicts what I believe. No…not that one either. I think only heretics like that one. Here, let me show you…this one. There! See this in my creed? Divine providence and confirmation! How could this creed have come about and passed down these centuries, if not by God’s arrangement?

Preacher: That’s brilliant. It’s like you don’t have to think at all.