Move Forward By Faith

When it comes to faith, healing, prophecy, and such things, one must become a doer of the word, and not a hearer only. Most Christian scholars are not doers of the word in this area, even those who side with the power of God. They just like to argue back and forth about it. Do not assume that more convoluted scholarship equals more knowledge, more accuracy, and more power. In this area, the reverse seems to be true for all three items. Reading these people gives you the feeling that you are making progress, but usually you are not. You will find more knowledge and encouragement from those who teach about these things directly and simply, without excuses and complications, and who actually intend for you to do them, and for these things to happen in your life.

If you do not experience immediate success, do not allow that to become an excuse. God is not hindering you from being a doer of the word. If you lay hands on a thousand sick people and all of them die instantly, you are still doing what God teaches you to do, well, except for having enough faith. When Jesus’ disciples asked him why they failed, he answered that it was because of their unbelief. You see, they also failed at times, even though they were directly commissioned by the Lord. It takes faith to succeed. If you fail constantly, then among other things, you have a problem with unbelief. That said, even with weak faith, if you really lay hands on a thousand people, I seriously, seriously doubt not one of them would receive healing. Even for a beginner, it would not surprise me if ten, fifty, a hundred, five hundred, or seven hundred of the people receive healing, a number of them probably through very visible and spectacular miracles.

Jesus said that Satan comes to steal the word of God. I know the word of God, but if Satan comes with sickness and I give up, then he has stolen it. If I do the word of God, and if I act as if the word of God is true, then I have established my life on it. As Jesus said, one builds on sand, and one builds on rock. Much of what passes for Christian scholarship is nothing other than pretentious sophistication constructed on a giant horse toilet. It does not teach you to act on God’s word by faith.

There is no need to ask God for faith. God’s word says that when you pray with doubt, don’t even think that you will get anything from him. So if you need faith and pray for it, on what basis do you expect God to give you faith? You will need faith to ask God for faith, don’t you? The Bible says faith comes by hearing the word of God. No — not, by reading scholarly debates about the word of God, but the word of God itself. What does God say about healing and miracles? What are his commands and promises? Read them, and think about them day and night. Confess them with your mouth. This is how you obtain faith. If you think your faith is too weak to ask God for miracles, then don’t ask for them. Just start doing what he says. You don’t need to ask God to send Jesus to the cross so you can be forgiven. You just assume Jesus has done his work and you take your forgiveness. It is the same with healing and other aspects of God’s power. Even with splitting the Red Sea, God told Moses, “Why are you talking to me? Move forward.”

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